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Sanitizing is the process of lowering the bacterial numbers to below a certain percentage. Sanitizing is the removal of contaminants that could grow bacteria. Sterilizing is the complete destruction of Bacteria and Virus. Due to spread cases of COVID- 19 and other bacteria and virus related infections, it has become more important to sanitize our homes and workplaces than ever.

How STERILE FUME Service – Microbial Disinfection helps?


Microbial Disinfection is an effective treatment designed by our company.

Sterile Fume

We use a unique formulation with powerful composition that surpasses all other disinfectants. Sterile Fume will be carried out with the selected chemical using ultralow volume misting machines (ULV).



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The enclosed treatment area will be exposed with the solution for a minimum of 3 hours. Premise is ready to use after 3 hours of the treatment.

Customer Reviews

Best Services at affordable rates and a team that has the technical know-how to deal with pest management solutions. PMS has been a delight and I recommend them to anyone and everyone pestered with pest issues.

Mehul Makwana

Satisfied With PMS Team. Extremely professional technicians and the management took cognisance of my pest issues and were quick to resolve them. They are surely going to be the industry leaders soon.

Bharat Joshi

Best Service, Best Rates and probably the Best Technicians possible to provide Pest Control. Impressed with their work and I made it a point to write in a review so that people can choose the very best for Pest Management Solutions.

Meeta Upadhyay