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Lizards are opportunistic. Gardens, ponds and streams allow populations to prosper. Sprinkler systems will deliver enough water to keep any lizard happy and this leads to many taking up residence along outside foundation walls. Most species of lizards in India are harmless and eat small insects. Vegetation such as shrubs and flowers are excellent nesting areas for many types. These same plants can become a target for lizards that will find them to be a great source of water during dry spells or in arid regions when water is sparse.

Generally speaking, a lot many animals are considered harmful and dangerous, even if they are not in any way so. Lizards fall under the exact same category of such misunderstood creatures. This may be because of the extreme prejudice against reptiles of all sorts, making them the “creepy” and “crawly” variety, as though it were a bad thing. What one must understand is the fact that although all reptiles are, in a way, slimy and slithery, there is no reason for anyone to fear most of them.

We are using strong Lizard Control Chemical in Surrounding of residence where Lizard may hide like door and window frames, behind the tube lights, photo frames and also stick Lizard Trap at particular area to catch lizards.



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