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Most of crawling pests are considered a nuisance simply because of their appearance and because they contaminate the product with the pathogens they carry on their legs, body. They live outside the premises and come inside occasionally.


Crawling Insect Management Service is recommended and limited only for external periphery of the entire premises. The residual spray will cover a band of 2 meters i.e. one meter wide floor and one meter high wall sides at the external wall and floor junctions. In non-critical establishments treatment of a similar nature shall be provided indoors as well. Spraying the door, window frames and other areas that favoring pest infestation.


Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly depending on the type of premises, level of infestation, hygienic conditions, level of housekeeping, weather conditions.



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Customer Reviews

PMS did pest control for my company, Ramdev Communication. I must say that they provided excellent solutions and I was satisfied with their work ethic. PMS is on its way to become the industry leaders if they maintain the same standards. Impressive Work.

Hitesh Jethva

Satisfied With PMS Team. Extremely professional technicians and the management took cognisance of my pest issues and were quick to resolve them. They are surely going to be the industry leaders soon.

Bharat Joshi

Best Service, Best Rates and probably the Best Technicians possible to provide Pest Control. Impressed with their work and I made it a point to write in a review so that people can choose the very best for Pest Management Solutions.

Meeta Upadhyay